Times, they are a-changing for

    Abby Jane and baking classes.

    If you've found me because you'd like to take a baking class or gift one, you're out of luck for 2019. I will not be scheduling any new classes until the bakery is open and the dust has settled a bit.


    BUT WE WILL HAVE AN ENTIRE TEACHING CLASSROOM DEDICATED TO YOUR BAKING DESIRES at the new Barton Springs Mill facility so check back in early 2020, or better yet, sign up for Abby Jane's newsletter to be notified when we strike up the class band again and get jamming!




    ABOUT ABBY JANE : baking + classes + etc

    ABBY JANE is the new project from Austin bread baker and pastry chef, Abby Love. As she works on getting her brick-and-mortar bakery built in Dripping Springs, Abby is focused on bringing the Austin food community together through hands-on bread and pastry classes. Subjects and locations will vary but you can count on a few things in each and every class.


    Our hands will be in the dough. Abby didn't go to culinary school; she learned on the job from whomever was willing to guide her. The only teacher she knows is Trial and Error! You will get the benefit of her errors, but the best way to learn is to just get baking. These workshops are for all levels--whether you're new to baking at home or just looking to increase your aptitude, Abby wants to meet you where you are, and for us all to move forward a step or two.


    We will not fear gluten. These classes are not for the gluten-intolerant. Instead of avoiding wheat we will focus on using freshly milled heritage grains, employing slow ferments, and making the bread that we eat more nutritious. We have an incredible resource in Barton Springs Mill right in our back yard, and they make it easy for us to re-train the modern tummy with real food!


    She will bore us with science. Because making good bread is often about understanding the building blocks of your loaf. Be prepared to learn baker's math, think about the structure of a wheat kernel, and use words like "enzyme" and "protein" for the first time in maybe decades.


    We will laugh, unless you hate having fun. If you aren't friends with Abby, it's only because she hasn't met you yet! These gatherings will be places of encouragement, insight, and growth. And we're not just talking about the yeast activity.


    I am so into that! Prices start around $500 for a 4-hour class.

    Use the contact form below to reach Abby for personal scheduling.


    Abby Jane will be opening in early 2020 INSIDE of the newly constructed Barton Springs Mill facility in Dripping Springs. Stay tuned for progress reports, construction mayhem, panic, excitement, and lots of baked goods!







  • About the Baker

    Abby grew up in north Louisiana, where her mother graciously allowed her to bake overly complicated, multi-step desserts that consistently failed. She majored in English at the College of William & Mary, afterward pursuing a short-lived career in editing up and down the East Coast.


    At 25, disillusioned from having a real job for so long, Abby tried her hand at baking, which everyone knows is just a thing people do for fun. Turns out it's a very real job, but one that she adapted to quickly and so she started over in a new field and has never regretted it, not even for a second.


    Abby moved to Austin in 2013, not sure if she would stay, but here we are in 2019. She gained notoriety on the coattails of local hero Dai Due Restaurant & Supper Club, where she served as the pastry chef for three years.


    Abby enjoys making people laugh, reading books, mindfulness meditation, loose leaf tea, her friends, and snuggling babies.









    Class opportunities are dwindling as Abby takes some time to

    transition into the new bakery space.

    But don't worry! We have a teaching classroom in the new mill,

    so there will be plenty more to come!

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    Sourdough Basics Class-- Multiple Dates












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